Marcy Upright Exercise Bike Me 708 (2021)Review

Marcy Upright Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-708

The Marcy Upright Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-708,

also known as the Marcy Upright Exercise Bike Me 708, is a compact, lightweight, but a great exercise resource.
It is the predecessor of the popular Marcy Upright Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-708 Reviewed earlier and hopefully, there are a lot of similarities between these two models.
While the ME-708’s muscular challenges often provide large, expensive exercise bikes,
it does help burn calories and keep your muscle tone.

Typically, I find this model to be a perfect option for people just starting out and for them with small accommodation.
Even better, it’s the low entry price that makes this unit easily competitive.
And despite the budget tag, it’s a performer, and it competes favorably with some of the top-rated steep bikes with high admission points. But what is unique about this bike?
We’ll find out soon in our Mercy ME-708 review below. 

What makes the Mercy Upright Exercise Bike  ME-708 so great? 


1) Durability

For such an entry-level bike, we were surprised by the durability element.
The 14 gauge steel tube frame on the Marcy Upright Exercise Bike with Resistance  ME-708 is durable and does not exclude performance.
The steel frame is further coated with a powder finish which enhances the overall strength by preventing wear by materials such as rust.
As expected, however, the housing of the drive system has been made from plastic for the price; It was no surprise.
The good news is, PVC materials are extremely durable and I like the metal but the construction of this plastic is equally strong.

2) Comfort

Relax is a thematic issue, but the Marcy Upright Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-708 is quite comfortable if the reviews are anything to go by.
Comfort on the bike is expressed in a variety of ways, but the most notable is the presence of a large padded seat that helps increase comfort, 
especially on your back. Equally, the handlebars are padded for extra comfort.
In general, the whole ME-708 setup is built with ease in mind and it will not disappoint you easily even after continuous use.

3) Magnetic resistance

Playing 8 preset levels of magnetic resistance makes it easier for fitness enthusiasts to customize and select fitness resistance according to their needs. Of course, I 
have to admit these levels do not offer adequate challenge resistance for experienced athletes, but the thing here is that the
Marcy Upright Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-708 is built not for professionals, but for casual drivers.

Other features that make the Marcy ME-708 More Interesting

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Durability and durability The name of the game with   Mercy ME-708.As we pointed out earlier, the steel frame construction is also strong and durable.
The manifestation of the overall strength of the frame is the generous weight capacity of 300 pounds,
which is involved with some of the higher-end models on the market.


Despite coming in with a measurement of 41 pounds and a compact
footprint, the Marcy Upright Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-708 is
surprisingly stable.
The stability of this bike is mainly due to the steel tube frame, as well as the stabilizers that keep everything reasonably stable while exercising.

When in use, you keep the risk of vibration low, and even after standing, although I do not recommend it, it will only move a little.
However, if your floor is a bit uneven, you can move the bike from side to side,
but it is easier to sort out this problem by turning the end caps of the rear stabilizers for balancing.
Alternatively, you can put a blanket or exercise mat under it

Drive type

The Mercy ME-708 uses a belt drive system that is not only adequate but also for low maintenance.
Even better, in addition to the flywheel, the system is covered and it can go a long way in keeping dirt and sweat from keeping your machine away from jams.

More importantly, it encourages the protective element and protects your baby or pet from being injured.
During use, the belt drive provides a relatively smooth pedaling experience.
Although it provides low-impact practice, high levels of resistance are usually found in some rags.


HandlebarsMarcy Upright Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-708

Unfortunately, the handlebars are not adjustable and their angles are fixed, which can get a mess from time to time.
However, their position is unique in that it gives them flexibility and usually users take a more risky position as they

move forward for a more inclined experience.
Either way, it’s not the best approach to comfort, but the cost of admission, it was nothing short of surprising.
Conversely, the handlebars are covered with soft foam which makes them easy to hold and can make your hands slip even when sweaty.

PaddleMarcy Upright Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-708

The paddles are like the components of the overall bike, exuding excellence, and starkness. While there are no premiums on the paddles,
I was fascinated by the presence of grips and straps that helped keep my feet, which meant I didn’t have to worry about slipping.


However, as I have learned, adjusting the plastic straps can be a bit hard at first until the plastic is a bit soft.
The good news is, you don’t have to adjust the straps every time you use the bike. No, unless someone else removes them, you just have to slide them over your feet and you’re off.


The dimensions and weight of the bike are:

Height 48.75 inches
Width 18 inches
Length 31.5 inches
Maximum user weight 300 lbs (per manual)
The bike weighs 41 pounds

What we liked about the Marcy Upright Exercise Bike  ME-708

Simple Console: The Basic and Freelance-free console is an extension of the ME-708 mod.

Basic Console: The console is rather original and measures about 2.25 inches with a single navigation button for ease of use.

Noiseless operation: The belt drive system of the ME-708 provides an intensive operation, ideal where silence is required.

Smooth workout sessions: In addition to the silent operation, the belt system provides a smooth workout session free from congestion.

Easy Storage: The storage of ME-708 is faulty because the unit is compact, lightweight, and HS transport wheel.

What we don’t like about the Marcy Upright Exercise Bike Me 708

No heart rate sensor: The absence of a heart rate sensor is a deal-breaker, but fortunately, you can buy an external rate monitor

Bottomline & Verdict

The Marcy Upright Exercise Bike with Resistance  ME-708

is an ideal option for those looking for budget-priced fitness equipment pieces that provide low-impact aerobic workouts. As well as encouraging weight loss by burning calories, this fitness bike can go a long way in improving your cardio health and toning your muscles.

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