Sunny health and fitness recumbent indoor bike SF-B1203 Review {2021}

sunny health and fitness recumbent bike

sunny health and fitness recumbent bike SF-B1203 is one of the best budget indoor cycling bikes available in the market.


If you are a fitness enthusiast and are looking for an applicator who can help you improve muscle strength and increase your stamina, then you cannot use any simple streamer exercise bike that is a common-user. You want an indoor cycling bike that is specifically designed for rigorous and serious workouts.

sunny health and fitness recumbent bike SF-B1203 the best budget indoor cycling bike. It has a good price, it gives you a feeling of exercise and it is not suitable for those who want simple things. Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of this bike in this review.

About sunny health and fitness bike SF-B1203


Sunny is headquartered in Health and Fitness in Los Angeles, California, and has operated for over 15 years. Sunny does not directly produce fitness equipment, but through top manufacturers in Taiwan and China. Currently, the company is a leading distributor and importer of high-quality health and fitness products.


The company has a wide range of products including treadmills, ellipses, bikes, rowers, steppers, weights, and other fitness accessories.


Sunny Health & Fitness is committed to providing the best exercise and fitness equipment at competitive prices. Since the No. 1 goal of the organization is to meet the needs of every customer, their customer service is great when they always give the best support to the customers.

Bike type

The sunny health and fitness recumbent bike SF-B1203 is an indoor cycling practice bike. It looks sunny health and fitness recumbent bikelike a typical indoor cycling bike but has smaller and fewer seats on indoor cycling bikes. The paddles are always under the seat and the handlebars are in front of the seat and very low. Indoor cycling bikes always have a chain drive mechanism and felt pad resistance, it does not bring a motor to support your workouts. The design seems very simple and very modest compared to stationary bikes (steep bikes and e-bikes) but it will give you the real cycling feel of a sports bike.


The purpose of indoor cycling exercise bikes is also to give you the real cycling feeling of a sports bike. So, if you are a sports person and want serious training for your strength and muscles, you should definitely go for indoor cycling bikes. The advantages are also disadvantages, the bike will put a lot of pressure on your joints especially your back, neck, and knees, so it is not suitable for physical rehabilitation/physical therapy treatments.

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Quality                sunny health and fitness recumbent bike

Digital monitor

Sunny Health and Fitness SF-B1203 Indoor Cycling Bike Easy to track your progress with a digital monitor screen Practicing on the screen display of your bike will show you distance and time to keep you focused on achieving any kind of personal fitness goal. With a convenient scan mode, you can choose to repeat these features continuously to maintain all counts.

Consider saving pads
Your sunny health and fitness recumbent bike SF-B1203 Indoor Cycling Bike is equipped with a smooth felt fabric brake pad system that provides more intense workouts for different exciting levels to burn more calories, resulting in a ton of better and better casual fat. Enthusiasts will then be able to work twice as hard as a result of shorter workouts.

22 lb flywheel

The veil is heavy, smooth, and smooth. Engineered for speed and stability, this fly will keep your workout at a distance and create more speed for a longer period of time. If you really feel like you’re climbing outside, Sunny Health & Fitness’s Flyhill is no more risky, no without the movement of control regardless of speed or level of resistance.

4-way adjustable seatsunny health and fitness recumbent bike

With no twists and a quick slide forward or [backward, your riding experience will be comfortable and fit with your unique body type! The cushioned seat stays in place safely once you get the perfect distance. one size does not all fits, but one bike does!

Non-slip handlebars

Help prevent calluses with improved Sunny health and fitness handlebars. Advanced ergonomic design handlebars provide a comfortable ride and allow for multiple hand positions.

Caged foot pedals

Proper foot placement is essential for riding any bike! Make sure your feet are in the right place safely with the added cage features of Sunny’s health and fitness. Avoid slipping feet on speed and intensity levels!



Workout poses are great for increasing muscle strength and stamina.
The experience of paddling is firm, firm, and smooth.
No sound, no dust, and no wet feeling


Shivering may appear when you are on intense workouts.
Do not support your joints and there will be a lot of stress on your shoulders, neck, knees, and ankles.

Seating position

Pedaling on the sunny health and fitness recumbent bike SF-B1203 will keep your body along the horizontal line – your upper body will be in front and down, both your hands will hold the front handlebars, your lower body will not touch the seat, and almost will detect pressure on your legs, especially your In the knees, legs, and ankles, the pressure will be applied to your shoulders and neck as well. This posture is really dynamic and you need to put in more effort.


You will seriously exercise your whole body and gain muscle strength, as well as stamina. Unlike other stationary bikes, you will not be able to ride indoor practice bikes for hours on end. Instead, you’ll get tired quickly after 30 minutes – but that’s a good thing to increase your stamina.

Since this bike is specialized for intense workouts, those with joint, back or shoulder injuries should not use this bike.

Noise, heat, and dust

Noise: No annoying sounds while practicing, but just a soft rolling sound.


Heat: This bike has no backrest, which is uncomfortable in most cases, but it makes it so wide. You will not feel hot and humid even after exercising for a long time.


Dust: The design of the sunny recumbent bike SF-B1203 is really simple, so you don’t have to worry about dust and dirt. And if the bike is dirty then you can easily clean it with wash and water




Monitor: time, speed, distance, calories, scan

22 pound chromed solid flywheel for durability

Micro-adjustable resistance system

Smooth and reliable chain drive system

Floor stabilizer



Cushioned seats

Seat dimensions: 11L x 9.5W x 2.5 in

4-way adjustable seat

Integrated transport wheel for easy movement



Weight capacity of 220 pounds

Abrasion resistance

Heavy-duty crank system

Adjustable inseam height: minimum 26 in / maximum 32 in

Seat handlebars: minimum 15.75 in / maximum 19 in



Product weight: 62.5 lbs

Product dimensions: 42.5L x 24W x 49H In

Ship weight: 68 lbs

Ship dimensions: 38L x 9W x 26.5H


Power Requirements

You do not need to plug this bike into an electrical outlet as it does not use electrical power to run.

However, for the console you have a 2 AA battery It may take which is included in the package


Sunny SF-B1203 is a great applicator for those who want a serious workout. It has a good quality that can motivate you to achieve your fitness goals. It is suitable for increasing stamina and improving muscle strength.

And it is not suitable for injured people or those who want a normal workout. It is not suitable for physical rehabilitation or therapy.



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